Dealzmodo: Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Headphone for PC $37

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No, they aren't for the iPod, but this is good enough. These Logitech headphones retail for $169.95, but is featuring them for 78-percent off, making it $36.99 out the digital door. Also included is free shipping. Hooray!

These headphone include a USB Bluetooth dongle that plugs into you PC and can stream audio up to 165 feet away. Control are integrated into the headphones too. Feel like dancing around your house listening to the new Christina Aguilera album in the nude? Not a problem with these headphone.

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Update: Commenter, scoobydoo, has brought it to my attention that these are not Bluetooth, rather they use Logitech's audio-anywhere technology. I read wireless and dongle and jumped to some conclusions. What can I say? Dongles get me all flustered. Thanks, scoobs.


Update 2: They are Bluetooth. And boy they are bluetastic.