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Dear iPhone Users, We Somehow Still Don't Know that You Want Cut and Paste

Illustration for article titled Dear iPhone Users, We Somehow Still Dont Know that You Want Cut and Paste

AT&T is circulating a survey among some of its longer-term iPhone users with a checklist of features they'd like to see. It's a follow-up to a similar survey a few months back, and apparently also serves to judge reactions to the 2.1 firmware. Some of the most regular complaints make the list, including picture messaging through MMS, landscape mode for email, a user-replaceable battery, and the all-mighty cut and paste. The survey probably doesn't imply any kind of imminent changes, but it's nice to hear that AT&T is trying to listen to what we've all been screaming for so long. [AppleInsider]


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Can someone like put in big giant, bold, all caps and in red saying "WE WANT COPY & PASTE ON THE IPHONE" on the top of the main page. I mean really, WTF is taking them so loooooooooong???