Recently, we've been hearing about a slew of cable customers ending up with less than flattering names at the top of their cable bills. And since this is apparently something that happens quite a bit—we want more. If you've ever changed a customer's name, or known someone who has changed a customer's name, or if you've been an insulted customer yourself, we want to hear from you.

From what we've seen so far, these tiny acts of nominal retribution are vast and varied. Among the more notable of our newly minted sparkplugs are: Asshole Brown, Whore Julie Swan, Dummy, Bitch Dog, Super Bitch and the phonetically oriented Fakoe Bez. So whether you worked somewhere where this style of revenge went down or you were a victim yourself, let us hear your tell of misery woe down below. Of if you'd prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to send an email to


Don't hold back, friends. This is a safe space.

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