Death Becomes Her: How Far Would You Go to Stay Forever Young?

Death Becomes Her is the best thing that happened to the world in 1992. Seriously, the fact that this movie is now available to stream on HBOGo is BIG NEWS. Because it's not on Netflix. Weirdly.

Basically, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep play two women aging gracefully and about this aging they are not thrilled. Meryl Streep's character stole Goldie Hawn's plastic surgeon husband (Bruce FUCKING Willis), and in a bid to woo him back, Hawn's character tracks down and takes a magic potion meant to restore her youthful beauty. Then Meryl Streep's character sips some as well. Then things go to shit. Limbs fall off. Holes emerge in torsos. Why do these things never work quite as well as we hope them to?


If you haven't seen this movie you're living an incomplete life. [HBOGo]

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