Deep Space 69 Has Unleashed The Space Boobs

Remember watching the original Star Trek and realizing the show was just as much about Kirk banging space-babes as it was exploring the mysteries of the universe? Well, Deep Space 69, a YouTube series made by Mondo Media, takes the space-sex parts and runs with it — hard. You can see an example for yourself in the above, safe for work clip.

It features Jay as a sex-crazed captain of a transport vessel and his side-kick Hamilton, who is the last of his Koala-like species. The two completely ruin any actual mission they manage to stumble into in favor of Jay sleeping with whatever is in front of him. It's a pretty raunchy, funny series that borrows from some of the most classic science fiction stories throughout history.

The thing is, until yesterday, the series was only available in a censored format. Mondo had to black-box everything deemed inappropriate by YouTube. But now they have released the first and second season completely "unrated and unfurled." And before people jump in to say this is just boobs for the sake of boobs, here are the words of series creator Daniel Katz

This re-release of Deep Space 69 for me is what the show was always meant to be, an anthropological documentary about the mating rituals of humanoid species that inhabit deep space. Showing the uncensored breasts is really about keeping the integrity and realism of this document. When I read in the comments "YAY BOOBS!!" it warms my heart because it means another generation is getting excited about educational programming.


You can buy the collection on their site or Google Play.

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