Dell Adamo To Launch Tomorrow?

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If this spyshot of an internal Dell invitation to the launch event is to be believed, yes. So is Dell burying their super-svelte new lappie under iPhone 3.0 or what?

We know that this particular "most anticipated brand and product launches" is about Adamo because it uses the same "Fall in Love" business that Dell's used w/r/t the skinny laptop before (adamo means "to fall in love with" in Latin).


We've also been noticing a few hints at hands-on playtime with Adamo from a few journos on Facebook, lending more cred to some official specs and pricing coming soon.

Still, not sure if any public details will leak out along with this, which appears to be an internal event. If they do, they will almost certainly be steamrollered by tomorrow's iPhone news, which is unfortunate. But we'll be here to scrape them off the pavement if they drop. [Thanks, tipster!]