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Dell Android Netbook: It's Coming

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Looks like the Android netbook concept is gaining momentum. A company called Bsquare spilt the beans on Dell's incoming Android netbook in a press release:

Bsquare to Port Adobe Flash Lite on New Google Android Netbook for Dell

Leverages Bsquare's Android Competency to Improve the Adobe(R) Flash(R) Lite Experience on Dell's Mini Inspiron 910

BELLEVUE, WA—(MARKET WIRE)—May 6, 2009 — Bsquare Corporation (BSQR - News), the leading software solutions provider to the global embedded device community, today announced it is porting Adobe's Flash Lite 3.17 technology onto Dell Netbooks running Google's Android platform.

Adobe is a leader in rich internet and user interface technology for mobile devices. Flash technology ships on over 800 million devices worldwide with more than one million designers and developers using Adobe Flash to build video and rich media applications.

Netbook and Nettop computers offer the functionality and efficiency of traditional laptops, but with lighter weight and better portability. Research firm Gartner estimates that worldwide shipments of netbooks will increase by 50 percent to 7.8 million units in 2009, while overall computer sales are expected to decline. Industry analysts also predict that Android will gain traction on smart devices, such as the ultra-portable Dell Mini Inspiron 910, which are used in a range of industries.

"Integrating Adobe Flash technology with the functionality of Google's Android platform on the full range of Netbook devices will allow our OEM customers to meet the high expectations their customers have of this new industry segment," said Bsquare's CEO Brian Crowley. "As the Netbook and Nettop market segments expand, our Adobe Flash Lite port to Android is just one of the software products we will offer our OEM and ODM customers."

In the last 12 months since its acquisition of NEC America's Adobe Flash Technology Consulting and Distribution business, Bsquare has worked on over 40 different customer devices including handsets, set top boxes, digital signage, consumer devices and netbooks. Bsquare has built an Android competency in its professional engineering services group through customer engagements and by hiring top talent in the field.

The company tried to pull the press release without anyone noticing. Dell is probably not too happy about third parties blowing their incoming announcements. There are no details on the new machine but I hope it's the light tablet I pictured here instead of a minibook with a stupidly tiny keyboard.


If will be interesting to see where the Android OS will take the netbook category, with HP thinking about them and chinese manufacturers already churning them out their factories. [Yahoo! Finance via Phandroid]