Dell Finally Kills the Adamo Laptop

It looks like one of Dell's most beautiful (and one of the most portable!) laptops, the Adamo, is going to be officially killed off. People don't like paying a lot for a little it seems. [CNET]



The most beautiful Dell wouldn't even come close to Sony's ugliest Vaio. The Adamo looked ok for the most part, but all in all I thought it was an awkward design that had some irksome details, like huge panel gaps in the bottom case, and that godawful overhang behind the display hinge. I thought it was just a piss poor attempt at boutique mobile computing. Dell should stick to perfecting its Latitude line. It's one of the few things they make worth a damn, in my opinion.

Also, what's becoming of the Vostro that borrows heavily from the Adamo? For those who still want that aesthetic from a Dell, would this still be available? I can't imagine that Dell would abandon the design altogether.