Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Now Running OS X Leopard

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The first time a mini-notebook is loaded with OS X, like any right of passage, it's a major event. And now the Inspiron Mini 9 has become a man, or at least an honorary Apple fanboy. Loaded with a slipstreamed version of OSX in a manner similar to the MSI Wind, the wireless card, Ethernet and sound didn't work initially but were fixed after the download of a few additional files.


If you've got a Mini 9 you'd like to load OS X onto, hit up the link for, not quite step-by-step instructions, but probably enough to get the job done. [UneasySilence]



Okay, for a laptop this size and power, I don't plan on gaming, image processing, or etc.; however, I am most interested in preserving my battery life. Can anyone point me to a website comparing the efficiencies of Ubuntu, OSX, and XP in a laptop as such? I don't see a big benefit of utilizing XP if I am not planning on using a lot of programs that don't function on OSX, and I don't see a huge deal in using OSX if Ubuntu would be faster and more efficient.

I already tried google-ing and just got a lot of fanboy propaganda.