Dell Pranked After Announcing Layoffs, Now Selling Computers for $10

Dell announced plans to fire 16% of its Malaysian workforce, or 700 people, by June 2010. And right around the same time, Dell mysteriously started offering deals like a 3.2GHz dual-core Xeon PC for $10.99. Coincidence?

Of course, if cheap PCs aren't your thing, no problem. Dell's still got you covered. Maybe you'll be interested in a $4,000 Laser USB Mouse. It promises Windows 7 compatibility. And a power adapter will set you back just $709.99.


Correlation isn't causation, but as DailyTech postulates, it seems, well, possible that at least one disgruntled employee decided to tweak a few prices here and there to cause havoc. Now whether or not it's your duty, in interest of helping a fellow man down on his luck, to scour Dell for unnoticed deals and place futile orders quickly...that's your call. [SlickDeals and DailyTech via CrunchGear]

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