Dell XPS 410 With Core 2 Duo Reviewed (Verdict: The Opposite of Slow)

The XPS 410, with Intel's Core 2 Duo E6600 inside, is one speedy entertainment machine. Although not thrifty by any means at $2,405, this unit comes with a 20-inch widescreen LCD and lots of gamer and power-user components inside.


The GeForce7900 graphics card, dual TV Tuner, dual-port Firewire Card, and dual 320GB Serial ATA hard drives (configured in RAID0 or 1) gets you a boat-load of performance. Again, the two and a half grand price tag may put this out of range for bargain hunters, but for people who love the bleeding edge Core 2 Duo CPUs, Dell's got a juicy unit with your name on it.


Dell XPS 410 (Core 2 Duo E6600) [CNET]

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i somehow havent checked where Intel were going with theit Core2duo cpusand just went ahead to watch benchmark on othe sites. Apparently the "value priced" E6600 is faster than everything on the market. I bought my first 64FX about 4 months ago for aproximatly the same price... that feels exactly like knocking my toes on the side of my bed. I still dont like the cazy numbers/names they give their cpus but at least im glad that theres finally great competition.