Dell's Android Phone Landing Stateside In 2010

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On its own it's a broad, vague promise, but Michael Dell's confirmation that the Dell Android phone will be coming to the US lends a little credence to rumors of an AT&T pairing, and some sparing hardware specifics.

Mr. Dell spoke broadly, either because he didn't want to get specific this early on, or because he actually can't. Prior theories, now at least partially vindicated, pegged the release as somewhere in the first three months of next year, with AT&T as the carrier. Our version of the phone—the Mini 3i—will be a little different from China's: expect the oPhone interface to be gone, replaced with either some kind of Dell proprietary piece, like HTC's Sense or Motorola's Blur, or just plain old Android.


The 3i is said to be getting a hardware revision too, and this basically has to happen—the Chinese Mini 3i didn't even have 3G or Wi-Fi. [TechPulse via AndroidGuys]

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