DeLorean Confirms: New Cars to Roll Out in '08

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Just as we mentioned last month, the DeLorean sports car is indeed going back into production, and you won't even have to go back in time to get one of those vehicles so memorably featured in the science fiction movie Back to the Future. Our beloved blood brothers at Jalopnik spoke to one of the guys who's going to make this happen in 2008.

James Espey, VP of the DeLorean Motor Company, said work will begin on the first car in the third quarter, and delivery of that vehicle will be in the first quarter of 2008 at a price of $57,500. The good news is, it will still look like a DeLorean, with a stainless steel body, gull wing doors and squared-off front end. Let's just hope they double the horsepower, because those 130 horses under the hood weren't too impressive back in the day.


These cars will be handmade, so that $57,500 price sounds like a bargain. Follow the link for Jalopnik's exclusive report and gallery. [Jalopnik]