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Demand For The Nook Is Pushing Pre-Orders Into December

Illustration for article titled Demand For The Nook Is Pushing Pre-Orders Into December

If you were thinking about grabbing the Nook for the holidays, you had better make up your mind soon. High demand for the e-reader is pushing the second wave of pre-orders into the first week of December.


This development could be problematic for people who are waiting to test out the device in person at their local Barnes & Noble. Word is that display units should start trickling in at the end of November, but it is unlikely that there will be any units to sell. So, you might have to get it sight unseen if you want to ensure delivery before the holidays (although our hands on was promising).


For those of you that got on the bandwagon early, not to worry. Your devices are still scheduled to ship on November 30th. [Brighthand]

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Gawn Til November

SO, out of curiousity... i called to ask for the arrival date..

the Shipping date says December 11th... A customer service rep states that means it will be SHIPPED on that day (Friday) and should arrive a day (or 2 ) later, which mean the following Monday or Tuesday #nookereader