Denon AVR-5805MkII THX Ultra2 Receiver: A Streaming, PlaysForSure, 22-Channel Big Rig

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Alright, now that these goddamn things are going double decker, don't you think we should give them size designations like "Queen", "King" and "Godzirra"?

Denon's 22-channeled receiver is meant to use its 10 discreet, 170-watt THX certified amps to power multiple zones (rooms, just call them rooms, you marketing weirdos.) It also has 5 HDMI inputs, and will upscale any video source to 1080p. Oh, and it has an ethernet port for streaming music from your PC (it's PlaysForSure certified). The ethernet port also works for setting up the box through a web interface and streaming internet radio. Like all gear of this caliber, it'll automatically calibrate your speakers per room. The $7,000 piece-o-gear seems like it does it all. Check the spec sheet at Denon, and if you spot something its lacking, I'll give you a high five.

Denon AVR-5805MkII [Denon]