Design Concept: Bluetooth Band-Aid System Can Save Lives

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This concept by Indian designer Saravanan Nagasundaram maximizes paramedics' time at a frantic accident scene. As soon as they slap this Bluetooth Band-Aid on an injured person, it goes to work, receiving data from the personal tag (labeled SMS above) which transmits blood type, allergies and more. The capsule (pictured center) can monitor blood sugar levels and can even inject life-saving medications.


The data collected and entered by the paramedics is displayed on the Band-Aid like tag (pictured at right), letting them keep track of the criticality of each patient at a glance. All the info from numerous Band-Aids at a multi-victim accident scene can be transmitted via Bluetooth to the paramedic's pad (pictured at left), which can then transmit that information to the hospital where the patients are being transported.

Could be a lifesaver, or on the other hand, another useless piece of overpriced tech that drives health care costs even higher.

Life Savers [Core 77]



My company demonstrated this (a real working system) more than 5 years ago (I joined 5 years ago and they already had it working).