The man who gave us everything from the NYC subway's signage and map to the American Airlines logo, Massimo Vignelli, is currently spending his last days at homeā€”and his son has an unusual request: Would you send him a note?

Luca Vignelli put out the call to the internet today on The Creative Review, asking that anyone for whom Vignelli was an influence or an inspiration to write him a letter (yes, an actual letter). The outpouring has been swiftā€”Pentagram's Michael Bierut, who worked for Vignelli for a decade, commented that "I know that one of Massimo's biggest fantasies has been to attend his own funeral. This will be the next best thing. Pass the word."


Here's his address:

Massimo Vignelli
130 East 67 Street
New York, New York 10021

Let's hope all our family and friends will be as kind when we're in the same spot. [The Creative Review]