Design of i-Bead 700 is Settled!

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...and that's all we know. Aside from a pretty photo of a black-square device with a color screen, the company's website doesn't say much else on what this audio player does. We did find, however, a cryptic statement disguised as an abstract poem:

i-BEAD700 is coming this August.
Please be patient with our model.
I will inform you specifications of i-BEAD700 later.
Only the design of i-BEAD700 is settled!
Just for you to have an idea of i-BEAD700,
I am opening 'i-BEAD700 photo shots' to the public.
Enjoy your life with i-BEAD!

Cue: bongo drum beats, and another month of waiting.

iBead 700 [iBead via dapreview]