Designer Garage Makes Walls Transparent or Opaque

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This image was lost some time after publication.

So you just spent a million bucks on a Ferrari Enzo. Do you park it In a regular garage made of regular concrete? Hello No.


Futurists are thinking about this very serious problem. Here's a garage concept, for a time where the rich are even more ridiculously rich, enough so to buy this transparent concrete model for $212,000. Created by architects Neutral, the "Designer Garage" features LCD sandwiched in between the concrete, that can be electronically darkened so the poor people can't bother you with their hunger-stare and "begging for food".

Designer Garage [Gizmag]

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You are correct, that is a Citroen in the render. The reason being is that this "garage concept" was actually developed under a commission by Citroen. Apparently they think their cars are all that!