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Designers Create iQ Font With Tiny Toyota, Custom Software

Designers Pierre And Damien strapped professional race car driver Stef van Campenhoudt in an iQ car, set him loose beneath a camera and custom software built by Zach Lieberman, and then proceeded to create a faster take on fonts. Updated.


The camera tracks four points on the corners of the Toyota iQ by way of colorful stickers. The camera above, mounted to a crane, takes those points and delivers them to software that creates the shapes, punctuation and all-important letters and numbers that make up a font.

You can actually download this font here, although we doubt it will make you type faster or anything. It was only a Smart Toyota, after all (although I was personally amazed this kind of car could drive like that).


Updated: Ugh. That's a Toyota. Sorry to all you Smart car owners out there. [Vimeo - Thanks, Tom]

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that's not a "Smart car," or at least it's not a car from Mercedes' Smart division [] ... it's a Toyota iQ []=%2ftoyota_1024_root%2fmain_nav%2fpageTopNav%2fZone+iQ&menuid=94356&zone=Zone+iQ&id=MSR_IQ_NEW .

EDIT: ok, i can edit comments now, but i don't know how to make clickable word links. yay commenting 2.0!