Despite the Movie, This Mech From The Matrix Revolutions Is Marvelous

It's pretty clear those Wachowskis didn't have much of a storyline gameplan for Neo and company after the first Matrix film, but one good thing to come from those two forgettable sequels is threezero's wonderfully-detailed miniature version of the Armored Personnel Units—or APU for short—from The Matrix Revolutions.


You're going to need to be a big fan of The Matrix sequels to shell out $430 for this 1/12th-scale, 13.5-inch tall creation when it's available next week. But with endlessly posable legs and arms and light-up features including its pair of over-sized machine guns, there's plenty here to drool over. And you can swap in whatever action figure you want as the pilot, which means it's finally time for C-3PO to get the respect he deserves. [Facebook - threezero via Toy People]


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