Diablo Cody Talks Up Her Zombie Rom-Com

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The disappointing performance of Jennifer's Body isn't going to keep Diablo Cody away from the horror-comedy genre. She is producing the adaptation of Breathers: A Zombie Lament, S.G. Browne's zany satire about one zombie's quest for equality... and romance.

We reviewed the novel back in March, and we found it to be equal parts off-kilter social satire and breezy romp. And it seems like good source material for the burgeoning zombie comedy genre, which has already seen great success with the likes of Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.


While promoting her Showtime series The United States of Tara, Diablo Cody addressed the project:

"We have a script and I am thrilled with it and hope we can go into production with it soon," says Cody. "It's a zombie love story. Zombies are so hot now, but I like to think it's about the personal side of being a zombie and being ostracized."


Cody is producing and Geoff LaTulippe is handling the writing duties. LaTulippe's only other credit is the screenplay for the upcoming Drew Barrymore and Justin Long romantic comedy Going the Distance, which is due out later this year. Considering the romantic elements in Breathers, LaTulippe might not be quite as random a choice as he might at first appear. Breathers does not currently have a release date scheduled.