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9to5Google reports that Amazon has just trademarked the name Firetube in the U.S. and Canada. Is it a TV product? Seems to make the most sense.


It's not out of the realm of possibility; we've heard rumors of an Amazon streaming box before. Plus, Amazon already has plenty of content on Amazon Instant Video, and while you can find it on many existing streaming boxes, Amazon doesn't have its own TV delivery system. And Amazon is a company that is, and very much wants to continue to be, everything to everyone.


There are no details here other than the name Firetube. But tube is another word for TV, and with nothing else to go on that's as good a guess as any. However, as with patents, there's always the chance Amazon is just securing the name so no one else can use it to make some knockoff flammable sex toy. [USPTO, CIPO via 9to5Google]

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