Digital Jewel Box Returns Portable CD Album Art to Digital Music


Do you miss holding that CD jewel box in your hands, kicking back and listening to music while you peruse the album art and liner notes? Here's a concept by David Friedman for a digital jewel box, sitting on its charging stand next to your computer and connected to your Wi-Fi network. It synchronizes with iTunes, and then when you're listening to your tunes you can take the little display with you and read the album notes and art it's downloaded.

It doubles as an infrared remote, letting you control the song, and if you change albums, it senses that, showing you the next album's liner notes and track listings as well. When you're not using it as a digital jewel box, it doubles as a digital picture frame.


This clever design is still in the concept stage, but it's an innovative idea that restores an aspect of listening to CDs that's missing with digital music. Maybe it'll even bring back extensive liner notes like the good ol' days. Somebody build this—it could be a huge hit. Brilliant.

Idea: The Digital Jewel Box [Ironic Sans] (Thanks, David!)

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Mr. Feller

holy crap.

this is an incredible idea!

everybody that i know of that listens to music in the same ways and as often as i do would definitely love this!

question, what's the average concept-to-real product conversion rate? what are the chances that this will get picked up by somebody? certainly, somebody reading the Giz must have startup capital for something like this. fairly basic technology that is out in other areas. Also, somebody could just take a touchscreen portable screen and write a small script to do this. Hmm.