Digital Pill Box Uses the Net to Help the Highly Medicated

The Med-eMonitor System is an internet-enabled digital pill box that costs $60 per month to use. Sound like a waste? It shouldn't, because older folks with medical conditions can have upwards of 20 different pills to take per day and the slightest mistake could be fatal. The Med-eMonitor is fully programmable and will beep when a pill needs to be taken. It also provides all information about the medication on a digital screen and will log all pills taken and at what time.

The internet comes in if a mistake is made. If the Med-eMonitor box notices a missed dose or a wrong dose it will send a signal to a secure site via a phone line and a health official will call to check on the user. It is reported that 90% of individuals using the Med-eMonitor take their medication as prescribed compared to the 40% to 50% percent of users who don't use the Med-eMonitor. It is currently being tested out, but it should be available soon for consumers.


Web-Linked Pill Box to Hit Stores Soon [Medgadget]

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