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Dining Table Recreates Pong With 2,400 LEDs and 2 Trackpads

Illustration for article titled Dining Table Recreates Pong With 2,400 LEDs and 2 Trackpads

The game that started a phenomenon in the 70's is back (albeit in slightly different form) thanks to the design work of one Moritz Waldemeyer. This new version takes the classic game and embeds it into a fairly plain looking dining table using 2400 LEDs and 2 trackpads. When the table is on, the trackpads allow users to take full control of the paddles. When the table is off, the game completely disappears.


The Pong Table was a big hit at MOMA's recent Elastic Mind exhibit, but despite its popularity, there is no indication that it will ever go into production. It's probably just as well though. I can only imagine the sort of dinnertime disasters that would take place during a heated contest where flailing arms would send food and drink flying around the room. [MOMA via CubeMe via LikeCool]

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

So I was at work earlier when I first saw this one so I couldn't quite say what I wanted to — Damn, love the mustache glimpse on the guy there, is this some kind of subliminal 'ride my mustache on the cool new ping dong table' message. I don't know, but that slight bit of mustache made me laugh.