Director Luc Besson Brings His Talents—and a Fugitive Robot—to TV

Top image: Lucy.
Top image: Lucy.

For the first time ever, movie director and screenwriter Luc Besson (Lucy) will tell a tale for the American small screen. He’s creating a new show for TNT titled Artificial Intelligence, about a robot gone rogue and the people who must stop it.


Here’s the official synopsis:

In AI, an artificial intelligence entity escapes its laboratory confinement and begins a methodical quest to carry out mysterious plans. The creator of the AI assembles a team of specialists to discern its objective, while simultaneously working to counter its rapid maneuvers and warn the world of imminent dangers.

It all sounds like a pretty standard AI plot. But, weirdly, it’s one that doesn’t seem quite as suited to Besson’s usual gifts for spectacle.

However, Besson is also considering directing the pilot, which would definitely be interesting and probably provide a blueprint every other director for the show would have to follow. It’d be interesting to see if they could pull off Besson’s style on a weekly basis.

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Could be interesting. Will the AI inhabit a physical form? Or will it be something nebulous out on the internet?