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Duh. Who knows if this'll see the light of day, but the DirecTV SAT+GO!, or Satellite To Go, has both an annoying name, and a brown color reminiscent of the swampy Zune. The briefcase sized box folds out to reveal a dish in the back, and an LCD on its face, with controls below it. I'm doubtful it's HDTV, but if so, that's a double leap in tech innovation. Sources also say this setup will have a data component to it, at least for the channel guides, if not for other data hookups. Of course, this photo is a pretty rendering a 2nd year design student could have pulled off. Don't get me wrong: It's a real honest to god DirecTV product in the making. But taking something like this to market, well...I'll believe it when I see it at Best Buy. Portable satellite TV is the TV Shoe of this decade.


DirecTV Sat+Go! [Thanks Ryan!]