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Months ago, we told you about a DirecTV prototype portable TV called the Sat-Go. Imagine our surprise when one of DirecTV's CES announcements today was a fleshed out Sat-Go system set to debut this spring. It still folds up like a briefcase and features a removable DirecTV tuner, a 17-inch LCD screen and a handful of inputs including component and composite AV and USB.


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The Sat-Go is designed for the information-hungry traveler and is fed by DirecTV's satellite signals. For $4.99 per month you can mirror your home subscription package to your Sat-Go, so prepare to go dish everywhere if you want your dish to go anywhere. In addition to current programming, DirecTV also announced plans to add 100 HD channels to their service by the end of 2007. Pricing details won't be available until closer to launch.