DIY Cleaning Products? All You Need Is This Bottle

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There's so much brain-melting, fish-mutating crap in the products we use every day to clean things. Natural products tend to be pretty expensive, but not if you make them yourself with this clever cleaning bottle.


It's $10 and it has everything you need—bottle, nozzle, lemon juicer, cloth, and a booklet of recipes for your own cleaning solution. Hey, you could buy something with fancy branding, but why would you when you could just concoct something on your own for less money? [Crate & Barrel via TheGreenHead]

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When my wife became pregnant, she read all about what chemicals can do to an unborn fetus. So, we got rid of all our cleaning products, and just use white vinegar. If we need to do some deep scrubbing, (like in a toilet bowl), we pour in some vinegar, and then sprinkle with baking soda. For surfaces, we mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

I don't mind it at all. It gets the kitchen and bathrooms clean, and makes it smell like a pickle vat at the same time. :) Plus, now that our baby is ten months old, there's no chance of him getting in and poisoning himself.