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DIY Pixel Qi Kits Arrive Q2, Bring Transflective Displays to Old Laptops

Illustration for article titled DIY Pixel Qi Kits Arrive Q2, Bring Transflective Displays to Old Laptops

Were you as impressed with the Pixel Qi display as we were? Good news: There's a DIY kit coming late this year that will allow you to swap out 10-in. laptop screens with a transforming Pixel Qi transflective combo screen.


Better news: The folks at Pixel Qi contend that switching out the old display with a shiny new one is only "slightly more difficult that changing a lightbulb." Naturally, you'll be voiding whatever semblance of a warranty you may have had on your present laptop by doing this, but for many the sunlight-friendly transflective e-ink-like/LCD combo displays Pixel Qi provides might make it worth the headache should things go awry down the road. We just hope you can uninstall the screen just as easily as it goes on however, should our concerns about this tech being "one or two generations" from true usability pan out when the kit launches later this year.


Watch for the kit in Q2. No pricing info given , but if you find it updated somewhere be sure to get your citizen journalism on and let us know. [Pixel Qi via Engadget]

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cool concept for power savings. But I would rather just get a second battery and maintain color.

But would be great for reading Ebooks for eye strain.

So not a bad way to put a kindle into a laptop, but the Kindle was for comfort reading while the Laptop still is not so this is Fail.