DIY Skype Headset for the Rich and Bored

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As DIY projects go, this is one of the oddest I've seen in eons. The fellow pictured above didn't like the sound quality of his Skype connection, and apparently didn't want to buy a good $30-$60 headset. So he took a pair of Grado headphones, which are the ne plus ultra of consumer ear cans. To that fine product, he appended an iSight camera as a microphone (nevermind the sound of that camera hanging from my chin and auto focusing zip-zap). The whole contraption is explained in 13 or so well documented steps, including a sculpted clay prototype, on his website. The total cost of this headset? $244. I'm pretty sure that air traffic controllers pay less. Although when it comes to sound quality (and random video images of this guy's desk) I'm sure there is no match.

DIY Skype Headset Instructions


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