Do Collect $200, Bird Is the Word, and Level Up Your iPhone

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This holiday season you're going to play Monopoly. You shouldn't even try to stop it. It's going to happen. Instead of dusting off the ol' board game, you can get an updated digital Monopoly for free. This should keep dad from ripping off the bank when he's in financial trouble. We've also found a cheap card game, an RPG for when you get sick of your family, and a word game with birds, all in today's best app deals.

iOS: Monopoly Here & Now - Free

Monopoly is usually the only game the entire family knows how to play. Ever try teaching your mom how to play MW3? Yeah, her strafing is pretty crappy. Today's free Monopoly is an attempt to update the game with modern vehicles and global destinations. You can land on Toronto with a Prius. Sure, why not. It won't stop the tears when the first family member is bankrupted by Uncle Jeff. Dropped from $10 to Free. [Apps-aholic]


iOS: Phase 10 - $1

Card games on the iPhone and iPad keep you from losing the actual cards you need to play the game. Phase 10 is a variation of the card game rummy that looks suspiciously like Uno. I've never played Phase 10, but the game seems to have been around since the 80s. And nothing from the 80s is bad. Dropped from $3 to $1. [iTunes]


iOS: ADVENA - Free

RPGs need a few things to work. Actually they just need one thing to succeed: anime children fighting for the survival of some mystical object. Today's children of the RPG are defending a sacred tree in the land of Peradin. You can switch between five heroes at any time in the game. Each class has its own ability blah blah blah. It's an RPG and it's free. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Appsylum]


Android: Bird's the Word - Free


Well everybody knows, about the bird. Bird, bird, bird, bird is the word. Great, now I have that damn song in my head. Bird's the Word is a cross between Boggle and all the damn bird apps out there. Create words from the grid of letters. If you mess up, a bird will nest in one of the bubbles. The more birds that end up on the grid, the harder it is to make new words. And the harder it is to not yell wipeout at the end of a level. Dropped from $2 to Free. [Brand Name Coupons]