Do Please Enjoy This Clip of a Boy Who Inhaled a Whistle Whistling When He Inhales

Image: Screengrab via YouTube
Image: Screengrab via YouTube

Take it from a wise 20-something: you will, at some point, require medical attention for something entirely avoidable and at least somewhat embarrassing. Just how embarrassing it is may vary, but it’s OK. It happens to the best of us.


Case in point: Per the New Zealand Herald, an eight-year-old patient recently showed up to a hospital in northwestern Argentina’s Tucuman province with a very unusual condition.

Dr. Gomez Zuviria released this video clip of the boy, who had somehow managed to swallow some sort of whistler or hooter. Every time the kid inhales, the unmistakable sound of the party toy rings out, much to his chagrin. Santiago Gomez Zuviria via Storyful

Don’t worry, little dude. We get it.

Per the Herald, doctors were able to successfully remove the whistle from the patient’s throat and he is expected to make a full recovery.

This is, of course, not the first time a child has swallowed something they should not have. Last year, a video of another boy who had swallowed a dog toy acquired tens of millions of views. One paper in the British Medical Journal documented the successful removal of a swallowed whistle from a young boy’s lungs as early as 1918, though there was no mention of whether the patient emitted a high-pitched noise when he breathed.

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I once had to go to urgent care because of a piece of angel hair pasta.

We had made pasta for dinner, and I was doing the dishes. When I went to clean the pasta pot a couple of pieces had dried and were stuck to the bottom. Not thinking about it I went to scrape them off with my thumbnail. I attacked one particular piece end on, and when it came free of the pot it went straight under my nail. I’m not talking about just a little poke either. I had a piece of pasta almost all the way down to the root of the nail. To make things super fun, when I went to grab it to pull it out the piece broke. So now I had a good 1/2" plus piece of pasta under my nail with nothing to grab to extract it.

The pain was pretty intense, and I just wanted the fucker out so I went to the Dr. Every single person I talked to at the doctor’s office laughed at me.