Do You Care How Ugly the Google Glasses Are?

Illustration for article titled Do You Care How Ugly the Google Glasses Are?

The internet, it is divided! Some people are disgusted by the Google Glass look—it is pretty goddamn nerdy. On the other hand, if it actually works as well as that snazzy demo video, does it even matter?

Yes and no! Presumably, Google's computer glasses will have to look at least not-stupid enough for you to wear them without feeling enough shame to immediately take them off. But they're a device, right? So they should be judged on the merits of how well they work? On how well they can augment that ol' reality? A bit of an android chicken and the cybernetic egg it was e-hatched from, we think.


But tell us what you think. Do looks matter?

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Just give me a clip-on for my current glasses, and I'll be set.