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So, it's official, we're bored by Star Wars gear (yeah yeah, hate mail to Chen is championing Star Trek (yaaaaaaawn) and with there being a lack of BG stuff — you know what I mean: Commander Adama dolls with realistic commando-parts; Cylon toasters, Starbuck frack-wear; Gaius science kits; Raider croissants; Number Six Real Dolls — it's evident that what we need is Who — as in Doctor. Is this Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer Mask better than an Optimus Prime Helmet? Of course it is.


The Dalek-Human hybrid appeared in the British show's Daleks in Manhattan episode. This mask, however, is expected to be the holiday hit of the season on the toy front. The voice changer lets you sound like a dalek (oh, the joy of hearing your nephew say "More beans, please, Mum," in that, eh?) Costing $50 if you pre-order, and ten bucks more if you buy direct, the mask hasn't started shipping yet. Who fans should probably get their freak on and order one, because retailers will be out of supplies before you know it. [Time & Space Toys and Guardian Unlimited]

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