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Dog's Smooth as Hell Jailbreak Captured on CCTV Cameras

General is a very good dog who just wanted to get out of the animal hospital. He plotted his escape and when the time was right, he put his plan into action. You can just feel that sweet taste of freedom hit him as he saunters off into the unknown.


The ten-year-old Great Pyrenees was being held at the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia while his family was on vacation, local news outlet WJLA reports. It’s unclear what exactly happened that allowed General to initially push open the door to his cell. It looks like the keys were left in the door. The look on his fellow inmate’s face when he first gets out is priceless. From there, General makes his way through the office leisurely, but always keeping a lookout. He manages to open at least three more doors before finally reaching the parking lot and wandering off to do whatever he pleased.

WJLA initially spread the word of the dog’s brazen escape and asked viewers to help find him. After about 15 hours of freedom, he was found in a nearby neighborhood taking a nap in a stranger’s lawn and has since been reunited with his family.


His owner tells WJLA that General is “a little Houdini,” and he’s always getting through doors. Great Pyrenees are known for being very gentle dogs but not particularly smart. Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs ranks them number 64 out 79 ranks. But that seems flawed. They’re also known to be very stubborn, so maybe they just don’t want to do that stupid crap humans are asking them to do. All we know is that General is smart and now he’s a legend.

[Facebook via Vice]

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Think! aka anotherburner111122223333

“The look on his fellow inmates face when he first gets out is priceless.”

I didn’t see it the first time, but I genuinely LOL on second viewing.

BTW, “saunter”, perfect word. The whole time... NBD.