Donald Trump Responds to Gizmodo Report: 'I'm One of Facebook's Great Stars'

Gizmodo on Friday reported that some Facebook employees wanted to ask Mark Zuckerberg if the company should do anything to stop a Trump Presidency. The Don himself responded in an interview on Saturday, and he does not sound threatened in the slightest.


In a wide-ranging interview on Fox and Friends, Trump claimed that he’s one of Facebook’s “great stars”—not the best, though—and he “can’t imagine them doing anything.” Trump began his answer by referencing the Constitution:

Well, I guess it’s going to the First Amendment, with freedom of speech, etcetera etcetera, but I like Facebook, and I’m very successful on Facebook. I think we have well over seven million people—I think we have sixteen or seventeen million people across Facebook, Twitter and some other thing, and no-one else is even close to that.

Trump continued:

But I think Facebook is good, and I can’t imagine them doing anything, I—I hate to say it at this stage in my life, somebody said I’m one of their great stars, so let’s see, I don’t think they’ll be doing very much. No, no, Facebook is a good way of communicating, and so is Twitter.

The Fox host then asked about Zuckerberg’s roundabout denouncement of Trump’s policies, which Trump denied, before circling back to his favorite wall-building topics.

Without wanting to nitpick, Trump is hardly Facebook’s greatest star. His official page has over 7 million likes, which is more than the other 2016 presidential candidates. Sanders has 3.8 million; Clinton has 3.2 million; and Cruz has 2.1 million. President Obama has over 48 million.


Contributing Editor


Trump is exactly what America needs and wants now.

The BS that the Media keeps putting out there is very bias and obviously meant to destroy Trump. The onslaught against Trump is outrageous and shows how frighten the establishment is of Trump.

The Media is supposed to Defend Free Speech, not censure it and cherry pick little tidbits to make headlines. Trump is for real change and that scares those leaches in power who is sucking the life out of the core of the middle class.

When corrupt wealthy elitists parties and their army of bought media cronies want to censure Free Speech and spread lies to please lobbyist, they violate their moral duty to defend America and report unbiase news.The media has exposed their own corrupt ways and why so many Americans don’t trust what they’re hearing or watching and why so many want to vote for Trump.

In America, Free Speech is a Right, not a Privilege. The responsibility and challenge that the Media face is to Protect Free Speech; Expose the Corrupt and report the news in an honest way.

The media tries to influence our thoughts to benefit their own agenda. The media is not to be trusted.

Revolution might be the only real solution to take away the power from lobbyist and special interest groups which wants to destroy our country.

Trump for President..