Don't worry: Grant Morrison's Dinosaurs vs. Aliens won't be a silent movie

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We're beyond excited for Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld's prehistoric battle royale movie Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens. We got a few new details on the project while chatting with Sonnenfeld about his latest movie MIB3. Find out where this project is in Hollywood right now, and exactly how the audience is going to connect to with an extinct species of reptiles... who didn't talk.

We're so excited about Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens. How are you and Grant Morrison going to make non-human creatures relatable to the audience?

Barry Sonnenfeld: First, we have to sell the project. We're going out to LA in about 6 weeks with a pre-vis and our script, to see who wants to buy into it. We've already had lots of ideas. The aliens speak in a way [that] you can understand them. And the dinosaurs — they actually have a certain amount of culture, through grunts and doing stuff with their bodies and sticks. We believe that the Dinosaurs had culture. They didn't speak, but they did have other ways of communicating. It won't be a problem, and it will be pretty fantastic.


What kind of weapons do the dinosaurs have?

They actually a few weapons, they learn from the aliens. They're very smart — that's one of the things about the dinosaurs. That makes them possibly the way they really were. They have rudimentary things, but they learn as they go along from the aliens. You now know more than anyone else about this [movie].