Don't You Hate It When There's Audio Playing on a Website But You Can't Figure Out Which Tab It's Coming From?

For the last 10 minutes I've been listening to some TV show about a teenager getting made over as P. Diddy. I can't for the life of me figure out where the fuck it's coming from.

I will totally admit that I'm one of those people who keeps open way too many tabs, usually scattered across way too many browser windows, but I have scoured every single one of them very carefully (they're all important things I want to revisit later! but probably never will) and still I have not been able to locate the source of the mystery Diddy makeover audio.


I don't know why I torture myself like this. I feel so much more at peace when I have one browser window open, with a reasonable number of tabs—even like 10 or 15 would be fine. But here I am, unable to concentrate, unwilling to close all these tabs at once. It's a sad situation.

Also, here's a bit of service for you: reshaping your eyebrows can make your face bolder and bring out the color in your eyes. Diddy's eyes are brown.

Update: Just when I thought web browser hell couldn't burn any hotter, the Diddy "show" just ended and now I'm just listening to commercials. Commercials for products I can't even see.

Update 2, 4:06PM: Still going. It's some gossip show now. I'm clearly plugged into some kind of TV stream. Why isn't finding streaming TV ever this easy when I'm actually looking for it.


Update 3, 4:11PM: Couldn't take it anymore. Killed flash in Activity Monitor. The mystery of the Diddy makeover will go unsolved!

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