Door Transcends Door to Become Ping-Pong Table

Illustration for article titled Door Transcends Door to Become Ping-Pong Table

It's not that we have any particular dislike for doors, it's just that, growing up in a barn, we never had any use for them. But with our current Balls-of-Fury-infused obsession, the Ping-Pong door is enough to change our minds. Housing a Ping-Pong table within an internal frame, the door...unfolds...for a quick match. It's a clever, efficient use of space for those who don't require a full-size table to get their Forrest Gump on.


Oh—just a minor caveat. One side of the door has to be bright green. We suggest not telling your duplex neighbor before installation. The doortable is set to go on sale next year. And we'll be the first to let you know after we preorder. [product via yanko via scifitech]


Sweet idea!

I thought the one on the right was a dude in a dress until I saw the second picture.