Double-Lidded Jar Took Way Too Long To Exist

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Why do jars only have one lid? How many mothers have—upon discovering they were running low on peanut butter while readying her three kids from school—smashed the jar against the counter and filled their children's lunches with a deadly mixture of creamed legumes and shrapnel? It's a senseless loss of healthy youth esophagus, and an even more tragic loss of perfectly good eats. In the face of record global food crisis and acid reflux commercials, it looks like the double-lidded jar showed just in time. [Sherwood Forles via DVICE and Yanko]


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I had recently put together a little sealed ecosystem in a mason jar with a mild UV lamp, filled with java moss and algae with a few japonic shrimp. So far the whole setup's been alive for over a year, but man was it a bitch to arrange nicely before flipping upside down in the jar. This would've been helpful =D