Double Take: An iPad Case That's a 1984 Mac

Illustration for article titled Double Take: An iPad Case Thats a 1984 Mac

Oh my god is that an old Mac? How are you carrying that? No, jack for brains, it's an iPad case. And it's awesome.


Check it out—ThinkGeek has a new "Padintosh" case that will take your sleek slate retro, just like a 1984 Apple machine. It's $25, works with both the iPad 2 and 3, and it's compatible with your smart case. A fitting tribute, considering big old Macs paved the way for thin, portable iPads. [ThinkGeek via Cult of Mac]

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Look around for an old MacPlus, not a working one obviously, and make this easy Mod that's mine. The iPad 1 fits perfectly, the screen area isn't even really reduced.

You can repurpose the first gen iPad as mailbox for the house this way.