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It’s here! After a lengthy public beta, iOS 10 is now available for download.

There’s a lot of neat stuff in iOS 10, especially when it comes to the Messages app. Messages is now a bit more like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


That means you can now send stickers (and sticker packs are already in the App Store) to friends, as well as disappearing messages, messages with special effects, and fun doodles.

Messages and the accompanying iMessage Apps are probably the biggest part of iOS 10, but that’s not all the new OS has to offer. There is a rad new raise-to-wake feature, a redesigned home screen and a brand new look for notifications.

Apple Music and Apple News have also been completely redesigned—and in Apple Music’s case it’s a big improvement—and there is a new Home app to make controlling all of your HomeKit devices easier.


We’ve been using iOS 10 for a few months in beta and it’s a solid release. I wouldn’t be concerned about installing it on my phone, but if you’re paranoid, running a backup to iCloud or iTunes might not be a bad idea.


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