Remember the PSP? You know, the portable gaming system that is being outclassed by the Nintendo DS? Looks like you can now play downloadable PS1 games on it provided you meet the requirements. Those requirements are that your PSP is running firmware 3.01 or higher and that you've set up the PSP to communicate with a PS3. Right now, the available games include Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 2 and Syphon Filter for $5.99. Wow, Sony actually picked good games this time. Too bad about the initial list of downloadable games for the PS3.


Games are transferred over from the PS3 to the PSP via a USB cable. I guess Wi-Fi would be too much to ask. Sony also plans to make the games directly downloadable to the PSP in due course, but timing has yet to be announced. So does the prospect of playing classic PS1 games rev your engines, or have you played Tekken so much it's no longer fun?

PSOne games now available for the PSP, via the PS3 [GamePro]

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