Dr. Dre Is Gunning Directly for Apple

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What's occasional rapper Dr. Dre up to, besides rapping, sometimes? Planning to beat every single electronics company except Apple, GlobalGrind reports.

In a recent interview, Dre said he's got ambition far beyond hawking somewhat-overpriced headphones. When asked about his gadget dreams, he revealed their loftiness:

Oh nah, I am not nervous about anything! I am trying to be number 2 to Apple, and number 2 to Apple is not a bad position to be in.


He's completely right! About being number 2 to Apple being a great position. But about Beats Electronics reaching that point? Forget about it, Dre. The firm made $300 million by selling the goods to HTC—Apple's worth well over $200 billion. To say nothing of the fact that it invents and sells a huge range of historically innovative products beyond headphones and branded laptop speakers.

So, yes, this will never happen, despite Dre being perhaps the last charismatic person left in the industry after Steve Jobs. But I do want great (realistic) things from Dr. Dre! Like finishing and releasing Detox. Thanks! [GlobalGrind via 9to5Mac]

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I'd rather Give Dr. Dre money, a black owned, American business then any other company. I have nothing against some other company making consumer products but I relate a lot more to Dre and his products then to, say, Sony. Nothing against Sony but if there's a choice i'll keep it in the family. Nobody from Sennheiser or Grado ever made music i relate to. They aren't from my neighborhood. They don't live my lifestyle. Some audiophile doesn't like it? Fine. It's not for you.

And the headphones look better then any of those others and that matters immensely. Because if style doesn't matter to you you're exactly the person these are NOT designed for. That's fine. You should choose something else. these are for young style conscious people that want good headphones. But, style does matter to me and it matters to me personally that i support a viable black American business.