Draw Your Solutions, Hit the Gridiron, and Race Down a Tunnel

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Not all taggers are Banksy. They're not all artists. Most are just idiots with access to markers and paint cans. "Look at me, I can draw my name." Learn to actually draw and we'll talk about how The Man is keeping you down. In fact, one of today's apps will help you learn to draw to solve your problems. Sure it won't erase years of social injustice, but look at you. You just drew a boat! Plus, we have Madden for $9 off, and a pretty tunnel racer, all in today's best app deals.


iOS: Max and The Magic Marker for iPad - $1

Max is just a guy with a marker. Okay, the marker is magic and he's not wanted by the police for tagging the local bridges. Instead, he's the hero in this incredible physics-based puzzle platformer. Faced with an obstacle? Draw an object in the game and you can use it to defeat the problem. The game has 58 levels so it should keep you busy for the next few days. Dropped from $3 to $1. [AppShopper]


iOS: MADDEN NFL 12 For iPad - $1

It's hard to remember a time when there wasn't a Madden football game. Maybe it was the 70s? You know the drill. Play football with Madden calling the play by play. The graphics are better than last year's game. The new Touchdown Challenge is a two-minute rush towards the end zone so you get the rush of playing without the taking up all the time of an actual game. Dropped from $10 to $1. [Apps-aholic]


iOS: Boost 2 - $1

Imagine racing down Lady Gaga's esophagus. Okay, don't imagine that. Boost 2 is a tunnel racer with vibrant colors and three game modes. Racers get 60 seconds to see who can get the furthest down the tunnel. Race your friends online and bask in the colors. Seriously, you get where I was going with the Lady Gaga reference right? Dropped from $2 to $1. [Appsylum]


Android: Duke Nukem 3D - Free

What can you say about Duke Nukem except that he's kind of a dick. Oh sure he's hilarious in the way that your racist grandfather is sort of funny, sometimes, unintentionally. He's the in-your-face B-movie action hero we all thought was hilarious in seventh grade. And now, he's free. Play episode one of Duke Nukem 3D and if you can't get enough of Duke, pick up episodes two and three from the marketplace. Dropped from $1 to Free [Apps-aholic]