DreamWorks is Making a Movie About the Dead Kodachrome Film

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Fo' real. You'd think making a movie about Julian Assange would keep them busy for a while, but I wouldn't be surprised if they shelved that after the intense intimidation the movie execs would've felt watching him shake his ass-ange in an Icelandic nightclub.


But anyway! Back to Kodachrome—and the movie DreamWorks is making about the running out of the last vat of chemicals needed to develop the infamous rolls of film. Apparently a leaf has been taken out of Titanic's book, with a heartbreaking plot circling the momentous tragedy. In this case, a father and son embark on a road trip to get a roll of film developed before the chemicals are gone forever. Will they make it time? Will they encounter a monster, a la Jeepers Creepers, on their journey? Will they get as far as Washington, before chucking the roll of film out the window and hitting up Amazon to purchase a micro-four-thirds? We'll just have to wait and see. But if the movie doesn't include a cameo from this guy, I'm not buying it. (Or downloading it.) [Silber Studios via PetaPixel]