DreamWorksTV Is A Perfect Example Of Not Using YouTube Properly

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You might not have noticed, but DreamWorks recently launched their own YouTube channel in an effort to make some extra revenue. The company has taken losses on many of their most recent movies, and some extra advertising money could certainly help them. Unfortunately, their YouTube channel is unlikely to make much money since its videos are so bad.


DreamWorksTV has a handful of original animated short-series and a number of live-action ones. Some of the live-action series, staring arguably charismatic kids, qualify as watchable. The animated series, though, are pretty poorly written and aren't drawn that well either. The humor is painfully basic and most kids would probably be bored.

The channel also has videos starring some of DreamWorks Animation's most famous characters (Shrek, Po, Puss In Boots), but they're just as boring as the original content and impersonators have replaced the original voice actors.

There are plenty of terrible YouTube channels out there, but what makes DreamWorksTV an interesting case is that the company usually demonstrates both higher standards and a better understanding of the industries they make content for. And maybe their videos would have been good enough years ago when YouTube was still young, but now they're a joke. YouTube is full of cartoons that are good enough to be on TV, and DreamWorks' offerings look far worse than what college students are making.

If DreamWorksTV has one thing going for it, though, it's the fact that they churn out videos faster than almost anyone else. And if the videos were good that would be a major selling point — but their quick turn-over time is probably part of the problem. Maybe if animators had more time to make better cartoons, the channel could actually make some money.

I mean, with channels like Cartoon Hangover and Fox's Animation Domination High-Def making high-quality content on a regular basis, DreamWorks really needs to step its game up




You had me until you paired Fox's ADHD and "high-quality" without an intervening "not" or any sarcasm markers.