Drone Footage Shows Apple's New HQ Continuing to Grow

Apple’s new UFO headquarters/backup plan for escaping the planet is continuing to take shape, as yesterday’s update from a drone shows.

As someone used to seeing only municipal construction projects, the speed with which the $5 billion build is happening is remarkable. A video from 18 months ago basically shows a giant concrete ring, while today, you can see fully-formed buildings with interiors starting to come together, not to mention the partly-underground auditorium, ready for a few “One More Things.”

The video was shot by videographer Duncan Sinfiel using a drone. Given Apple’s legendary security and the number of drone videos already taken, I’m slightly surprised the company hasn’t trained an elite team of drone-hunting eagles by now.


[YouTube via Mashable]

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Jobs tomb at the epicenter of it all, we’re the apple children will be sacrificed for their blood... or for not finishing that fucking project in time.